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A Natural Partnership

National Parks Partnerships (NPP)

Until recently, the success of National Parks Partnerships’ existing partnerships were established through personalised tactics such as, individual LinkedIn outreach by the partnerships team and in-person attendance at conferences.


Brief: Launch a high-profile creative B2B campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities to fund nature in our National Parks with the private sector, with a view to secure foster new partnerships in target sectors.


National Parks Partnerships (NPP) creates UK level strategic partnerships to generate vital support for the UK's 15 incredible National Parks.

Image by Mohammad Alizade


NPP Account Director and strategic oversight.

Project managed each workstream and creative process.

Blurry Forest


Empower Agency

Account team: Ben Matthews, Jed Chapman

Creative: Will de Villiers

Paid media: Ally Appau-Bonsu


51 qualified business leads that met the partnerships criteria Over 6,000 campaign landing page views 314,793 impressions generated during the campaign launch.


The project began with a facilitated creative workshop, where we explored three concepts rooted in insight. Based on the audience’s business needs, attitudes towards UK National Parks and desires to support people and the planet, we created the ‘A Natural Partnership’ campaign.

Using a ‘lens’ approach for the ‘A Natural Partnership’ campaign allows us to tune our messaging and content to effectively communicate the breadth and complexity of the many unique features that make the UK’s National Parks what they are - and spotlight the many compelling cases for partnership at different levels, and in different parks. 


This approach ensured that each message can stand firmly alone, but can coexist with - and complement - multiple lenses in certain formats. This segmentation of content can also benefit a test & learn approach with paid media, and may suit additional rollout to NPAs via templates to create their own content. 

A Natural Partnership.png


The message was delivered through an omni-channel approach in line with the overarching creative concept. In preparation for the official launch, a campaign launch strategy was developed and executed collaboratively. This included targeted paid media lead- generation, digital media partnerships with the edie24 conference and Business Green, asset designs for digital and print formats, curated organic social media content, as well as support with internal communication delivered across the fifteen UK National Parks.


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