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Did you know that a single file line leading to three cashiers is x3 faster than an individual line for each cashier? See, even when it comes to queuing to buy your groceries, principles have been identified to create the best possible experience.

That's exactly what The Line is—a set of principles that I believe and honour, so that I can deliver the best project experience and product for my team, clients and myself.

Here's what they are...


My single, most important objective is to work with you to get a project (in all its strategic and creative beauty) across the line. I strive to work to carefully curated project plans, but we all know that sometimes things just happen—whether that's not receiving client feedback on time or a WW2 Bomb is found in Soho and everyone is evacuated (it's happened before).

Either way, I believe that accountability and confidence is imperative to clearly communicate the knock-on effects of such changes. I focus on finding new solutions to meet the deadline, and I pride myself on communicating this as efficiently and clearly to all stakeholders.


Perfecting my communication is an ongoing skill that has led to project success and personal growth. From practicing authentic relating techniques, to relaying the details of a Scope of Work clearly for each team member, I believe that these are crucial attributes to maintain effective lines of communication in fast-paced environments.

I also encourage this transparency and communication with team members, so that everyone is empowered to answer project-related questions confidently.


And above all, kindness is key.


We all know how difficult it is to maintain the balance between work-life and personal-life, especially since COVID struck us by surprise. It is a skill to find and maintain this balance, so I like to compare it to learning the art of slacklining.


I believe that finding balance takes ongoing work, but the key is to look straight ahead, listen to your needs, and continue to adjust and improve


And although I am fully aware that projects may require more time and effort, being able to navigate back to this balance is necessary, as delivery is only as good as the person delivering it.

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