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UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

UN Environment Programme

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration is a rallying call for the protection and revival of ecosystems all around the world, for the benefit of people and nature. It aims to halt the degradation of ecosystems, and restore them to achieve global goals. 

Brief: Before the campaign could be launched, the task was to create a campaign identity that remained in line with the sophistication of the United Nations, but could also be accessible to global audiences—from youth protests to policy makers.

This identity would then be rolled out across different languages, channels and formats. 

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United Nations Environment Programme, the global authority for the environment with programmes focusing on climate, nature, pollution, sustainable development and more.


Client Account Director,

Coalition Liaison,

Project Manager

Light and Shadow


MSQ Sustain


Logo and campaign guidelines, Global toolkit, Web and print



The campaign was launched and rolled out globally, enabling a single, strong global message on ecosystem restoration to prosper amongst audiences of all ages, backgrounds, seniority. The brand and campaign continues to be rolled out in new languages.


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